THE BEAT FARMERS LIVE on Outlaw Radio at 2pm Saturday!


 The Beat Farmers thought it would be great fun to play live on Outlaw Radio this Saturday on their way to a gig in Bakersfield. 

 Matt Alan, the brains behind Outlaw Radio, said "Sure, what time?"  They said, "2pm"  Matt, gasping, replied, "Well, that's when Burl Barer and Don Woldman do their award winning True Crimes show...but I know they will be delighted to air their show an hour early, at 1pm, so we can have you live on Outlaw Radio!"

Matt is correct — Don and I will air our show at 1pm Pacific Saturday followed by the Beat Farmers LIVE from Outlaw Radio at 2pm! 

On True Crimes our guest is Dan Zupanski, author of TROPHY KILL

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