There is one thrill every author knows!Librarian

No, this isn't it.  This is literotica fantasy #101.  The real big thrill is when your book arrives from the publisher, and you see it for the first time.

At that moment, you say to yourelf, "WTF!!! I spent all those months fretting and working and burning midnight oil for THIS???"

Yes, MOM SAID KILL has arrived.  Official release date is October 7th, but my box of advance copies arrived today via UPS.  Now, being as  I worked so hard to see this project through to completion, the least you can do (and you always do the least you can do) is BUY THE DAMN THING!! 


It's CHEAP, honest. You spend more on booze, drugs, hookers and popcorn  per year than this book costs.  Really. It is $6.75 suggested retail. Please don't buy it used. When you do that, I get nothing. If you ARE going to do that, don't tell me about it, even if you are my #1 fan.

The Famous Simon Templar bought me dinner tonight.  THE SAINT, that Robin Hood of Modern Crime, coughed up enough royalties for me to have a decent meal, and buy some groceries. McFarland and Co, publishers of my 1993 masterpiece, THE SAINT: A COMPLETE HISTORY decided to send out royalty checks (they always do, except they are only obligagted to do it once a year, and they did it twice this year).  It was a happy surprise — not great wealth — but something is better than nothing.

Verizon Wireless used to have a dreadful communication problem between customer service and finance. The customer service rep would promise you one thing, and the money folks never heard of it.

Today, Verizon has the most friendly and helpful customer service staff on the planet…but the billing still gets all screwed up, and you have to go over your bill very carefully. This isnt peculiar to Verizon. In fact, 85% of all business phone bills are WRONG. Folks just pay it and never bother to figure out if what they are getting is what they bought. I knew there was something wrong when I suddenly had more numbers than a New Jersey bookie, and a  text bundle rivaling the Sunday Times.

Hey, you hear the one about the SWAT team that keep breaking down the wrong doors, arresting the wrong people, and never having to say "we're sorry>"  Well, you will hear about it soon enough, I promise.

Make sure you're listening Saturday 2pm pacific time to TRUE CRIMES, hosted by Don Woldman and Burl Barer. 

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  1. DogsDontPurr

    I ordered your book (new, btw) about 18 months ago. I think I may have even ordered it before you started writing it! Can’t wait to get it. When’s the party??


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