THE DEAD MAN meets THE DEAD WOMAN — rotten to the core!


Dead woman More The Dead Man adventures are available NOW! Yes, the chills just keep on comin'.. the latest is THE DEAD WOMAN…it's KILLER!!!

To bring you up to speed.

Matt Cahill died in a sudden avalanche, buried under tons of snow and ice. Guess what? He's still alive. Doctors are amazed; Matt is confused. Denied even the joys of a "near death experience," he not only didn't get a light at the end of a tunnel, he didn't even get a glimmer of why the hell he's not least not at first…soon, however, the man who should be dead discovers that he can SEE EVIL, and it's not a pretty sight.

Seeing evil, fighting evil, and trying to figure out the nature of his unantural abilities, the limits of his powers (whatever they are), and how to make a post-death life for himself when every step is hounded by The Dark Man, a presence so disgustingly malevolent that he makes Stephen King's Randall Flagg seem almost an eccentric uncle isn't as easy as it sounds. We're talking about things that make your flesh crawl, or would if your flesh were not already crawling with maggots and other items best used for bait when fishing at Loon Lake.  

If you can wrap your head aruond a series that blends the creepiness of Stephen King with the pulp-action consciousness of The Executioner, topped with a dollop of Kung-Fu, you're in for a real reading treat!

RING OF knives

Right now this modern masterpiece of thrill-terror is available for Kindle and other ebook configurations, and in paperback. There are already new adventures in the series, such as RING OF KNIVES by James Daniels…and more on the way. While THE DEAD MAN was created by Lee and Bill, other adventures are  penned by many of the mystery/suspense genres leading lights — including Burl Barer (Gee, that's me!)…and I better get on with it.

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