The Fury with the Syringe on Top! A/R e-B Again!

‘I was really hoping my boyfriend could get into Beit T’Shuvah in Los Angeles,” says my friend on Facebook Messenger, “that’s the rehab I went to – actually more than once -but they aren’t taking any new people right now because of this whole virus thing. That is too bad because he would be perfect for that place and it would be perfect for him – he’s artistic, talented, creative. Hell, he could be the Beit T’Shuvah poster child.”

Even people who want to get a minimum 28 day “spin dry” vacation from drinking and using find staying at home and social distancing a further roadblock to treatment for drug overuse, misuse or actual addiction.

This situation is explored, along with other fascinating topics, in the latest edition of the 100% free Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin.  The e-Bulletin doesn’t only address increased challenges and difficulties facing people with drug and alcohol related issues, it also highlights effective efforts, hard won victories and, of course, mind numbing absurdities that are almost enough to drive you to a drive through liquor store – the thoughtful convenience for drunk drivers on the go! For example:  Syringe Access programs are still illegal in Arizona where common sense and harm prevention have yet to prevent efforts to make drug use more dangerous and deadly.

Also in the latest issue:

The Blessing of Recovery Radio, Another Celebrity Celebrates Recovery, NYC delivers Methadone to reduce Heroin addiction, chronic pain, and get around the issue of social distancing, Another Celebrity Shares their Victory over Whatever it was that bothered them while a few more semi-celebrities write books or do podcasts about overcoming what were bad habits or medical symptoms with an eye towards possible nomination for the next Experience, Strength and Hope Awards.

Yes, once again, you get a full dose of diversity in reporting news and views on the topics of addiction and recovery.  A life of overindulgence is not a prerequisite to enjoying the A/R e-B.  It is human interest at its most fascinating because humans are interesting and how individuals and organizations adapt, resist, deny, interpret, integrate, argue and, in some cases, cling tenaciously to disproved assumptions and widespread misinformation about addiction and recovery.  As one of the recent features makes clear, now, more than ever, we must listen to science, consider research, and set aside presumptions and superstition.

As the A/R e-Bulletin is free, it reaches thousands and thousands of professionals in the industry, end users and abusers and the abused, people in recovery, people recently relapsed and their families.  That is why people with programs and products of value make wise use of advertising in the e-Bulletin.  For information on being among the prestigious advertisers, contact Writers in Treatment 818-762-0461.

Oh, and if you wondering how Lizo was handling the stress of the pandemic, the e-Bulletin  covers that too.




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