THE LOST CHILD: To Live and Lie in L. A.

Little Kelley Leigh had a hard working mom, older brothers and sisters, and at age 13 she was held captive overnight and repeatedly raped and sodomized. Beyond the physical pain was the intense emotional despair and feeling of abandonment when her mother, instead of asking why she was out all night, beat and berated her for not being home on time.

Kelly in car“It’s hard being punctual when you’re face down on all fours biting someone’s backseat upholstery while bleeding from your behind.”    Those would make fine country song lyrics, but it’s not a lifestyle suggestion from this weeks special guest Kelley Leigh Moskowitz — in the 1980’s she was Gypsy Kelley, the street wise kid with the Mensa IQ, unlimited potential and facing 6  felony charges for possession with intent to sell “the weed with roots in Hell.”

Roots in hellMarijuana was illegal in California back in 1980’s. Yes, I know that’s hard to believe.   Kelley was racking  up juvenile  charges  for  acting  juvenile  but  she  quickly became the “mother figure” for  an eleven year old runaway boy on the streets of Hollywood.

“My real name is Patrick, my middle name is James — you can call me Jimmie,” he told Kelley who preferred calling him “Hey, you,” or “Cutie pie,”

FAST FORWARD to 2020:  Little Jimmie, the runaway 11 year old is all grown up and for the past 18 years he’s been behind bars as a convicted murderer — a murder that Kelley insists was arranged and accomplished by men who planned on pinning the murder on Jimmie from the beginning.

“He was framed,” states Kelley emphatically.  “No one was brought in to offer a true explanation of who killed whom and why.  Even his girlfriend, pregnant with his child, testified against him,   Of course, she was told her baby would be taken from her if she didn’t.”  In  a True Crime Uncensored exclusive, Kelley  Leigh breaks her silence and shares  her perspective on this heartbreaking story of alleged lying criminal informants,their motive for framing the boy and the reward they received from Federal Agents and the criminal justice system of the State of California.

“The system itself was criminal,” asserts Kelley. “In Hollywood, justice is just a comic book cologne.”

Frank C. Girardot, Jr and I will bring you the entire untold story. Research has begun.  We will write it;Wild Blue Press is publishing it.  Movie/TV rights represented by Matthew Berkowitz.  Here is his contact link


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