The Mob Returns to Las Vegas: Now you can Rent-A-Wiseguy

Las vegas welcomeHave you ever played cards with a real Mob hit man? Gone bar-hopping in a limo with a bank robber? Smoked a cigar and swapped stories with a man whose testimony helped put some of the most dangerous men in American organized crime behind bars? Most people haven't. But a new business opening in Las Vegas is making it possible for those scenarios and more to be realized by those seeking a truly unique experience in Sin City.

 This novel approach is being offered by Real Wiseguys, a newly formed Las Vegas-based company. They are providing marriage-minded couples looking for a different kind of wedding an alternative to having an Elvis impersonator unite them in matrimony. Instead, they can be Married By The Mob.

 That's right, former mobsters now ordained as ministers, will actually perform the wedding ceremony. Real Wiseguys is offering a variety of packages that feature having a wiseguy or two attend a pre-wedding bachelor party and/or the reception after the wedding. Additional events that can be booked include wiseguy-attended poker and cigar parties. 

Real Wiseguys events are done for entertainment and fun. A portion of the proceeds from each event will be donated to local Las Vegas charities, or to a charity specified by the client.

For security reasons, Real Wiseguys will have no direct contact or relationship with the former Wiseguys or law enforcement personnel that participate in the activities or events provided. Appearances of former mobsters and lawmen are arranged through BEAR Media Consultants, LLC, an independent contractor.

Want to rent a mobster?  Want a wiseguy to take someone for a ride … a real ride in a nice limo?  Call 702 454-8217 

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