THE SAINT — He’s Back!!!

Saint_shadowThe Famous Simon Templar, alias The Saint — the Robin Hood of Modern Crime — is making another comeback!
James Purefoy, who played Mark Antony in "Rome" is set to play the new Simon Templar in the forthcoming TV series of The Saint.

Bill Macdonald
tells (the official website of The Saint Club) that his
team is prepping a two-hour pilot for a European shoot. The reason for
shooting in Europe is the current strike situation in U.S. would
otherwise hold up production. Shooting in Berlin and Australia begins
in April.

Bill goes on to say that the show is being produced by
himself (William J. MacDonald), Geoffrey Moore (Sir Roger Moore’s son),
and Jorge Zamacona (most recently of "Oz").

James Purefoy,
who will play the new Saint, was screen tested for the role of James
Bond in 1995 for Goldeneye, and throughout 2004 and 2005 Purefoy’s name
was rumored as a possible candidate to replace Brosnan as agent 007 in
future James Bond films. These rumors surfaced again before the 2006
film, Casino Royale.

This is good news for me because I am authorized by the Estate of Leslie Charteris to write new Saint adventures, and endorsed by Bill Macdonald as the author of print adaptations of the new Saint pilot and novelizations of future Saint television screenplays.

Watch for The Sign of the Saint — He WILL BE BACK!!


3 Responses to “THE SAINT — He’s Back!!!”

  1. Mike Barer

    I would be anxious to say how it runs, it was indeed, a very popular genre in the ’60s with the Man From Uncle, The Avengers and James Bond and all. I would hope for it to do well. My best advise would be to have a score of beautiful women starring.

  2. randy Johnson

    We will give it a chance. Also looking forward to new Saint adventures, whether originals or novelizations, from you.


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