THE SAINT : Simon Templar, the Robin Hood of Modern Crime!

It's been non-stop SAINT the past few weeks as we work on the screenplay for the new two hour TV-Movie  THE SAINT IN NEW ORLEANS.  We keep revising, re-writing, answering network notes, etc.  It keeps getting better, and there ARE some very funny lines and some hot-hot action!  I thought we had nailed it good with the most recent version, and now we only have a couple very minor notes to address, which we will do tomorrow. So, if all goes well, the world will once again experience the joy, humor, and melodrama of Leslie Charteris' famous hero, THE SAINT.

What was I working on when I paused to write "The Saint in New Orleans?"   I was working on "THE RETURN OF THE SAINT" — a new full length novel set in UK, Malibu, Central America, and (briefly) Finland!  Mostly it is in the UK where Inspector Teal has been dragged out of retirement, and finds himself once again dealing with our endearingly dangerous desperado, Simon Templar.  Hopefully you will see the new TV show, and the new novel in 2011.



Watch for the Sign of the Saint — He will be back!

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