THE SAINT: The Famous Simon Templar Returns to TV and CD!

 Yes, it is true. After years of negotiating and re-negotiating, it appears as if THE SAINT is about to return to TV.  There is a script (again) and a director (again) and a star (again).  The two-hour TV movie kick-off episode will begin production in October.  So, the Saint returns to TV, AND there is a new Saint novel, THE RETURN OF THE SAINT being written right now by Burl Barer, that brilliant and charming author authorized by the Estate of Leslie Charteris to continue the series. CAPTURE THE SAINT, my previous full length Saint novel, is now available as an e-book of KINDLE, or for download to your PC for only $2.99

On September 14, 2010, Radio Spirits will be releasing The Saint is Heard, a 10-CD audio set featuring 20 episodes from the old radio series of The Saint, starring Vincent Price. These episodes, which have been digitally remastered, are a selection from those starring Vincent Price and Barry Sullivan as the Brighter Buccaneer. The set also includes a detailed program guide by Ian Dickerson.

"The Saint–sprung from the pen of Leslie Charteris, his adventures fill thirty books, a dozen motion pictures–and now, by radio, he is yours for the next half hour."

Simon Templar, played by Vincent Price, was wealthy and refined. He was well dressed, well traveled, and well educated. He was also The Saint, the "Robin Hood of modern crime," who was not afraid to break the law if that's what had to be done to ensure that justice was served.

Larry Dobkin, who also stepped in to play The Saint in a single radio epsiode, co-stars in his usual role as Louie the Cabbie in these digitally restored and remastered tales that find Templar sailing, skiing, and delving in to the disparate worlds of m
ining, baseball, prizefighting, mystery writing, and more. The Saint sets all manner of matters straight, all the while maintaining excellent form.

Includes a Program Guide written by Ian Dickerson, featuring photographs and a series history.

Episodes Include: The Saint Goes Underground 07-31-49, Greed Causes Murder 08-14-49, A Schizophrenic Psychiatrist (a.k.a. The Colorblind Killer) 09-18-49, The Sinister Sneeze 06-11-50, The Problem of the Peculiar Payoff 07-09-50, Follow the Leader 07-16-50, The Frightened Author 07-23-50, The Case of the Previewed Crime 07-30-50, The Corpse Said Ouch 08-06-50, Cupid and the Corpse 08-27-50, Baseball Murder 09-03-50, The Horrible Hamburger 09-10-50, The Ghost That Giggled 09-17-50, Dossier on a Doggone Dog 09-24-50, It's Snow Use 10-29-50, Miss Godby's School for Girls 11-05-50, The Dame on the Doorstep 11-12-50, No Hiding Place 11-19-50, The Terrible Tintype 11-26-50, Martin Hickerson, Private Eye 12-03-50


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