The famous Simon Templar has always had great taste in automobiles. In the early books he drove a fictional Hirondel that could blast down the road at an astonishing 90 miles per hour. In the famed Roger Moore television series, the Saint's vehicle was the incredibly classy Volvo 1800. When Ian Ogilvy took the wheel in Return of the Saint, Templar piloted a Jaguar X-12.

 In the unsold TV pilot for The Saint,  Australian actor Andrew Clark drove a Lambourghini 1985-Lamborghini-Countach-White-Front-Angle-Open-Doors-st

with gull wing doors. It was terribly unsubtle, as this picture demonstrates.

 Simon Dutton's Saint drove a Jenson (although in one episode he got his hands on a blue Volvo 1800.)

Val Kilmer's Saint returned to Volvo for a red C-70 sports coupe.

But what car will the Saint drive in the all new Saint TV venture?  So far there have been rumors of everything from Mercedes, an E 1800 Volvo concept car that doesn't exist, an actual new 1800 that supposedly will exist soon, to the latest entry for the title of "Saintmobile," the Fisker Karma. 

With a starting price of $87,900 ($80,400 after US government tax credits), 1,000 orders for the 100 mile-per-gallon luxury plug-in hybrid have been received since the prototype debuted at the 2008 NAIAS. Fisker Karma deliveries are scheduled to begin in the fourth quarter of 2009 through the Fisker Automotive Retail network.

The four-door, four-seat Fisker Karma fuses the traditional and timeless styling of veteran auto designer and Fisker Automotive CEO Henrik Fisker, with Quantum Technologies' clean Q-DRIVE® plug-in hybrid powertrain to become the world's first luxury plug-in hybrid car.FiFisker-Karma_2010_800x600_wallpaper_01 (1)

4 Responses to “THE SAINT’S NEW CAR?”

  1. Anea

    my vote, obviously, falls to volvo. ideally whatever version would make 1800’s reappear! 🙂

  2. New Jordans

    It’s great to hear from you and see what you’ve been up to. This blog makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. Keep coming up with ideas.

  3. Patrick Gauer

    Hmmm, so what was the car Saint used? The idea that he’d use a concept car, real or not, would be interesting. In the end, it must be something that suits that character, and comparisons to the recent James Bond spy-cars should be avoided.


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