The Union was wonderful — the Union Boss wasn’t.

Al Bramlet made it possible for Las Vegas' hard working waiters and restaurant workers to enter America's middle class, buy homes, and send their kids to college. He made sure these folks had excellent health care as well.  He also wound up murdered because he was a strong-arm crook whose greed exceeded his care for his Union's members.  Skimming, cons, threats, bombings — all part of Bramlet's offensive manner of doing business. So off-putting was Bramlet, politicians were embarrassed by Bramlet's endorsement, despite wanting votes from those in the Union that Bramlet headed.  

The tree of crime bears evil fruit, said The Shadow (and the Shadow knows!) — Bramlet was murdered by Tom Hanley.  Hanley's wife, Wendy, was our guest last Saturday on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED. You can hear the show by pressing play right over there on the player.  

Al Bramlet, murdered by the mob.

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