The Wandering Jew: Burl Barer Hits the Street

Moving is never fun, even when heading to a glorious destination. Moving is even less fun when you have no where to go and nothing to do when you get there. 

For the past few years I’ve been living in Van Nuys at the home of the charming songstress, and the best straight woman since Margaret Dumont, Ms. Judi Faye.   Times change, circumstances alter, and each situation calls for the best resolution. Financial obligations must be met, and sacrifices must be made.No recriminations, resentments or acrimony. My stuff is stacked in the garage, and new house mates carrying bundles of negotiable currency, move in next week. 

Where will I live? Good question. Here are my current options. It isn’t easy to decide. Tell ya what, give me your advice. Which of these do you vote for?’


Box with woman

Note — female not included. Shown for demonstration purposes only.


Box with cat

Note — cat not included. Shown for demonstration purposes only.


Box comfy;
Note – Comfy not included  Shown for demonstration purposes only.
So, vote now for my new living accommodations. Wi-Fi availability depends upon location.

One Response to “The Wandering Jew: Burl Barer Hits the Street”

  1. DogsDontPurr

    ((Big Hugs)) I wish I could help you out, but we’re living in a postage stamp. I think a cardboard box would actually be bigger!
    Alan suggests getting an RV and just parking it down here at the beach.
    If all else fails, you could just bring your cardboard box down to the beach and camp in the sand. As a bonus, the post office here has free Wi-Fi and is open 24 hours.
    Good luck, Burl!


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