This is the famous and 100% true Joey Faye story — an anecdote illustrating the pretzel logic often encountered in show biz.

Famed comic Joey Faye reads a classfied avertisement in Backstage, a weekly industry paper, announcing that an off-Broadway production is seeking, among others,  a "Joey Faye" type.  As he IS Joey Faye, Joey heads on down to the audition, walks in and proclaims, "Well, here I am."
"Who are you," asks the casting director.
"I’m Joey Faye, and I’m here to audition for the Joey Faye role."
The casting director looks him over carefully, then says, "I’m sorry. You’re not the right type."
"But the ad says you want a Joey Faye type, is that right?"
"Yes, we want a Joey Faye type."
"Well, I AM Joey Faye!"
"You’re the wrong type."
"Joey Faye is the wrong type for a Joey Faye type?"
"Listen, you are not the right type, no matter who you are!"
"Not in this production, you’re not. Face it buddy – you simply are not the Joey Faye type."
Joey, somewhat dazed, went home without even getting the opportunity to audition for the part.
Yes, it sounds like  "Who’s on FIrst" but it is not a sketch, it is real life.
Go figure.
Sorta like when Al Jolsen entered an Al Jolsen impersonation contest and came in fifth place.


  1. carol

    This story took place in the early 1980s I believe at the Tribeca Studios in lower Manhattan. Sergio Leone wanted a Faye type to play a cameo for his production of “Once Upon a Time in America.” Starring DeNiro. Joey’s primary encounter was with a youngster that had no knowledge of Burlesque and Vaudeville and turned him away. When the producers heard that the broadway legend Joey Faye had turned up to read for the part,they immediately called him back and asked Joey to do some business for the cameo role.
    The role had no speaking lines, it was just a piece of comic business that required only a facial reaction.


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