The Jolson Story Again and Again

When my sister, Jan and I were visiting our Mom in Seattle, we delighted all of us by putting The Jolsen Story in the VCR. Mom has a big plasman screen TV, and stereo headphones — she was smiling ear to ear for the duration of the flick, and so were Jan and I.  We have always loved Jolson, and whenever I feel homesick, or lonely or depressed or nostalgic, I’ll put on Jolson. Well, they had The Jolson Story at the corner video store so, naturally, I rented it and have been half-watching/all-listening as I write Stealth (almost done, and pre-deadline).  As the warm up act today is the Kevin Spacey Bobby Darin bio-pic.  Don’t know if it is any more accurate than Jolson’s but I did notice they left out his early folk years (not folk rock) in the era of the Chad Mitchell Trio when Roger McGuinn (later of the Byrds) was backing him on banjo. The pic gives the impression he went from rock to lounge. Who cares? I wonder if there was a novelization of the screenplay. The film is rather artsy-fartsy, and Spacey doesn’t lip sync to Darin’s originals — he sings the tunes himself. Not bad, but not Bobby Darin, That’s All.

4 Responses to “The Jolson Story Again and Again”

  1. Mike Barer

    Your Mother once told me that when you were on the air at KTEL you would always play “King Of The Road” because that was a song that she loved.

  2. David Zarkin

    Amazing that Spacey is such a talented singer/dancer. Actually, Bobby Darin was a lot more attractive than Spacey. I heard that Peter Cincotti did some of the vocals but am not sure. Check out Universal flick Darin did with Rock Hudson and Sandra Dee, “September Something?” Also, look for “Bobby Darin Story” album now available on CD.

  3. Jan Curran

    I sent Mom the bio on Al Jolson and she is loving it. Today at the beauty salon met a lady who remembered when Jolson had a home in Palm Springs. .not like the film which called his home ” in the valley”. She said he was a real SOB , a huge ego. So what else is new?
    How are you feeling?


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