If I have anything to say about it, and supposedly I do, the new
SAINT TV project for TNT will retain the flavor of Charteris’ original.
The Roger Moore series that began in 1962 used the "glob trotting
celebrity" character found in Charteris later short stories, and due to
the restrictive TV codes of the time, Charteris lamented that the Saint
on TV bore as much similarity to his creation as Winnie the Pooh did to
Captain Blood.
Times have changed — restrictions have relaxed. Soooo…this version
of The Saint will be the more dangerous and picaresque adventurer,
having way too much fun as he takes on recalcitrant and contumacious
oppressors while bedding the requisite bevy of beauties — including
the mercurial and romantic Ms Patricia Holm. As all Saint fans know,
Simon Templar parks his shoes in numerous international locales, but
Holm is where he hangs his hat — or halo.

Bill Macdonald asked me to serve as "consultant" to the project, and
has honestly taken my suggestions to heart (and page). The show should
be really cool, faithful to the character, and won’t have Charteris
getting what he termed Graveyard Torque from spinning in his metaphoric

What I like best about the project, of course, is that I’m
supposedly getting paid for my wit and wisdom. As with any TV or film
project – or publishing for that matter — I will be 100% convinced
when the check clears the bank.
As Bill has never deceived me in the
past, I trust it will all come out in the wash, even if the spin cycle
makes me crazy.

15 Responses to “THE SAINT on TNT”

  1. Danny Barer

    The job is very cool. The paycheck is even cooler. And if you get a screen credit each week, even if it’s scrunched down to the bottom of the screen so that TNT can promote the latest X-Files rerun, that’s almost as good as gold (to switch metaphors).

  2. Randy Johnson

    I hope they do pay attention to your suggestions. I could never watch Val Kilmer’s version after seeing the trailer, but I did enjoy your novel of the film as a novel. It wasn’t the Saint I know and love though.

  3. Anea

    Randy, For the “Saint you know and love” check out my dads original saint novel – available for purchase on amazon (through resellers).
    It is really good and I have read all the original saint books (can’t be raised by Burl without it).

  4. Mike Hobart

    Well, it SOUNDS great, but as you say — we shall see. I can’t help remember the way Charteris’ comments about the Saint movies supposedly led to the creation of The Falcon!

  5. Randy Johnson

    Anea, I would love to read your Father’s Saint novel. I’ve seen the listing on Amazon. Unfortunately, it’s a little pricey for me. Being disabled and on a fixed income, I have to be a bit selective on my book buying. One can always hope that a mass market paperback will be issued someday.

  6. David Zarkin

    I hve high hopes that your name will appear on the credits of the new Saint show although I will have to upgrade my cable to see it.

  7. burl barer

    Noooo…Hoppy will be played by Ian Dickerson, the only man who (a) looks like Hoppy, and (b) can drink like Hoppy.
    I’ll be the guy in the blond wig and 9″ heels — the new Hollywood Patricia Holm


    I’m greatly looking forward to super Saint fans “Ian” and “Dan” in their Volvo stationwagon Saint Mobile as last seen in CAPTURE THE SAINT!

  9. jeff hudson

    I for one am looking forward to a new saint series. My daughter used
    an old paper I wrote years ago showing how the saint
    was used by Ian Fleming to
    creat James Bond for a film
    class at St Lawrence University last semester.
    It is a long story but I
    was nicked named The Saint back in Prep School by one of my teachers. I also have a small tattoo of the saint which I kind of regret….especially the hangover. Good luck on the project.

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