Berkeley in the Sixties.


They All Sang "Bread and Roses
(Si Kahn, 1989, 1991)

Now don't you think it's crazy,
This old world and its ways?
Whoever thought the Sixties
Would be called the good old days?
But like the Weavers sang to us,
Wasn't that a time?
When we raised our hands
And voices on the line.

And we all sang "Bread and Roses,"
"Joe Hill" and "Union Maid."
We linked our arms and told each other
We are not afraid.
"Solidarity Forever"
Would go rolling through the hall,
"We Shall Overcome" together
One and all.

The more I study history,
The more I seem to find
That in every generation
There are times just like that time
When folks like you and me who thought
That they were all alone
Within this honored movement
Found a home.
(And they all sang

And 'though each generation fears
That it will be the last,
Our presence here is witness
To the power of the past.
And just as we have drawn our strength
From those who now are gone,
Younger hands will take our work
And carry on.
(And they'll all sing …)

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