Things you find in the garage- MURDEROUS INTENT SPRING 1999

My life is strewn across several states in various garages. One of them belongs to Magic Matt Alan, host of 70's on 7 on Sirius XM, and ruler of the Outlaw Radio universe.  Every so often I dig through my stuff in Matt's garage to see if there is something I really need, or really want. Guess what? I found the Spring 1999 issue of MURDEROUS INTENT MYSTERY MAGAZINE.  Wow! What a treasure trove of wonderful material, interviews and opinions. Inside this issue is Meg Chittenden, Robert B. Parker, Lee Goldberg and a brand new short story by Burl Barer.  In fact, it is a very short story. So short, I almost forgot I wrote it. Now that I remember it , I remember why I wrote it.  I was on my way to actor Robert Colbert's home in Malibu to interview him for my book on Maverick (he played brother Brent Maverick in two episodes).  I missed the turn off to his house, got lost, and stopped at a service station to ask directions. I was driving a Chevy Lumina, and I left the engine running when I got out of the car to use the pay phone.  What happened next will be clear when you read the story entitled "LUMINA": 


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  1. Anea

    Papa, I like this one. I especially like the “Burl Barer, an Edgar award winner and two time Anthony award nominee is currently locked in a Seattle basement”.
    Love you!


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