Think Fast!! When Guests Don’t Show Up for Live Radio Show.

Once again a scheduled guest didn't appear due to a life-threatening emergency. This time, Steve Huff's son was rushed to the hospital ER just when Mr Huff was supposed to be on the air with us. Being the trained professionals that we are, Don Woldman (yes, THAT Don Woldman — famed attorney), and I ( Burl Barer) ad libbed our way through a solid hour of live radio with no guest, and no show prep other than what we planned on discussing with Mr. Huff. 

We learned our lesson this time — or at least I did. Don wisely carries with him "emergency material" in case we need to discuss something other than our scheduled topic. Having done live, off the cuff broadcasting for more decades than you've probably been alive, adapting to the unexpected is no problem. In other words, we faked it okay and had an interesting show. HERE IS THE SHOW IN INSTANT REPLAY ..tell us how well we did covering our proverbial assets in a pinch.

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