This Holiday Season, I’m taking a break from looking at nude pics of Paris Hilton, Bea Arthur, and Ted Kopel, to ponder the behavior of American’s most daring criminals:

Nashville police and residents were searching Monday for clues to the Christmas Day theft of a cinnamon bun that found unlikely fame for its resemblance to the late Mother Teresa’s face.

The bun has been a draw for curious tourists since it was preserved and put on display in a glass case at the shop where it was discovered by a customer in 1996.

“What I can’t figure out is why anyone would steal it,” said the shop’s owner, Bob Bernstein. “They can’t sell it on eBay, it’s not fit to eat, there was no ransom note and the police put its value at only $25 on their report.”

Really — what is the crook going to do with that stale cinnamon bun? 

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