Hollowman2This sequel sucks. Okay, it isn’t HORRID, but it is supposed to take place in SEATTLE. Do they ever show Seattle? NO. They show the skyline of VANCOUVER, Canada!  Why? Because they shot the film in Vancouver, Canada.  The screenwriter attempted dropping in some Seattle references — but got them all screwed up: supposedly near the downtown ferry terminal, someone asks "has the ferry to Edmonds left yet?"
The EDMONDS FERRY is in EDMONDS, WASHINGTON and goes only to Kingston in lovely Kitsap County, Washington.  There is no ferry to Edmonds from Seattle.

The female lead tells our hero: "go to 24th and Main — I have a friend at the Seattle Times."

There is no such intersection in Seattle.  The Seattle Times is located in the same historic building as it has been for decades — on Boren Avenue about a half block from the 13 Coins Restaurant.

The real shocker was our hero running out the door of a residence in Redmond, Washington and suddenly being "downtown" Seattle near skid row and the ferry terminal.

None of this is as absurd as RUMBLE IN THE BRONX where Vancounver Canada doubled for New York City — i dont recall that many evergreen trees at the port of New York.

The climax of the film: two invisible men fighting. Ya gotta see THAT!

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  1. Danny Barer

    Inaccurate geography is, of course, a recurring problem in movies. For instance, SPEED is generally accurate with LA geography; but has the heroes injured near LAX and then taken downtown for emergency treatment. THE PRESIDIO has a car chase that rushes down streets in the Marina area of San Francisco, turns a corner, and is suddenly on Van Ness in the Civic Center. THE LAST ACTION HERO made fun of this problem when it had characters fall out of a hotel window in Long Beach and fall into the La Brea Tar Pits.


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