Tom Hodgins — from Luke Warm to Radio Hot-Shot

Tom Hodgins
 This is Tom Hodgins. He is a radio hot shot in my home town of Walla Walla, Washington.  When I first met Tom, he didn't own numerous radio stations, and have an encyclopedic knowledge of FCC regulations, frequency allocations, and all the things that have earned him a sterling reputation as a dynamic businessman and professional broadcaster. 

Nope. When I met Tom he was doing mid-days at KUJ and he wasn't allowed to talk. I think his "air name" was Luke Warm. Well, Tom can certainly talk. He was just an employee then. Today, he owns the place, and several other places as well.  

Don't ask him to sell KUJ-AM.  He has a strong emotional connection to it because he used to work there.  My first radio show was also on KUJ -AM. It was a half hour talk show. No pay.  hey, I was 15.   I would later return to the same building. far far from 15, and "play the hits" with Tom Hodgins as my employer.  I love how the world turns.    It's been a year since I was in Walla Walla working on a project with Tom, but he buys me lunch at least once  a month, and I crank out commercial copy for him as often as possible.   

The biggest change since the day Tom and I first met is that his cheeks are fatter and my hair in thinner.  Aside from that, we are still the same adventurous young men with a love of radio.  There are worse addictions, although I can't think of any off-hand. 

4 Responses to “Tom Hodgins — from Luke Warm to Radio Hot-Shot”

  1. Mike Barer

    I remember you playing the hits on Kiss-FM, in the penthouse of the Marcus Whitman introducing us to Paula Abdul, Fine Young Canables, and Milli Vanelli. I think that you also had a sidekick named Lorie.

  2. Tom Hodgins

    The DJ Name was Tommy Heart and I was working Midnight to 6:00 AM M-S. Bob Cory was Luke Warm. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll paypal you a burger and fries soon.

  3. Kevin Ward

    oh the memories …how about the datsun b-210 rides to your gmas house at over 100 mph+ usually plus! or when tom knocked out that prick from new york during high school..If I remember right, tom knocked him straight into the fire pit!! hahahah!

  4. Jack Kiehn

    Wow – what a blast from the past indeed. I suspected that was “Tommy Heart” from my old KUJ days. Of course, I’m a long, long way from my stint as “Ron Jackson” – but I’ll always have some crazy memories of my time at KUJ.


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