Famed UK health care professional Donna McCooke RGN was the recent victim of out of control flooding. "I’m not having it," barked McCooke dogmatically. The cause of her dismay was the two and a half feet of water in her dining room, and the collapse of her ceiling due to dangerous disregard for health and safety by an intinerant trucker known by the code name "Russ."355014

"Apparently the trucker began running a bath," explained Oxfordshire Flood Control Director Reginald Whetniss, " but became distracted by a combination of food and television, leading to unconsciousness. The bath continued running until it surpassed the tub’s limitations." Lg

"It wasn’t only the safety of Ms McCooke at risk," Whetniss explained, "but two innocent dogs could have been swept off down the street in a torrent of bath water."Bf3_1

Fortunately, McCooke and her pets were able to survive by clinging to a Lava Lamp, and floated to safety. Lava_lamp

Prime Minister Tony Blair visited the McCooke residence recently to access the damage.  Blair_visits"This is really a mess," said Blair. "We do have the funds to help out, otherwise it would take 12 years for the trucker to pay for the damage."

The trucker, humiliated , now only uses moist towelettes and sponges to clean his body.

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