Amazing but true, Suzy Spencer has sex. She thinks about sex, talks about sex, and wants to know all the juicy details of your sex life — AND she wants to share the info with the world in her forthcoming book, SEX IN AMERICA.  While Suzy may have seriously considered having sex with every American citizen, tourist, green card holder, and illegal alien, she’s opted instead to offer a SEX SURVEY you can take on line, and not reveal your name, or the name(s) of your fellow participants.  Just caress the phrase SEX SURVEY with your mouse, or glide your fingers over the sensitive touch pad on your laptop, then press on it firmly — suddenly, your computer will respond by transporting you to the erotic and scholarly world of Suzy’s SEX SURVEY.
Suzy, of course, is best known for her true crime books, such as Breaking Point.  We have different publishers, so we fight over who gets the best shelf space.  She has a very attractive back list. Mine in longer.
Get a good look at her back list by visiting  

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