For almost a year, attorney Don Woldman and I have been doing a peculiar little radio show from Matt Alan's backyard in Encino, California. It is only an hour long, and broadcast live from a crazy 1876 Virginia City style bar that Matt constructed next to his swimming pool. Matt's been broadcasting his Outlaw Radio show for several years, featuring rock stars, movie stars, comics, politicians and all manner of wild people. Don has been on the show from the beginning; I joined Matt's regulars a couple years ago.  When Matt offered me my own show, I asked Don to co-host a show focusing on True Crime. Much to our mutual delight, TRUE CRIMES on Outlaw Radio was nominated in the category BEST TRUE CRIME RADIO show for the In Cold Blog Detective Awards.We were both surprised and honored.

Yes, we do get fabulous guests, and Don is one of the best interviewers on the planet. As for me, I'm an old DJ from way back who loves live radio, and I write true crime books in addition to mysteries and thrillers. 

Well, guess what. We won! Yes, TRUE CRIMES on Outlaw Radio USA won Best True Crime Radio Show.  There is more to this award than bragging rights. The Detective Awards, created by brilliant true crime author Corey Mitchell, help raise awareness of, and appreciation for, the True Crime genre — in print, radio, television and film.  I am all in favor of boosting the image of true crime writers and reporters.

Trust me on this: writing true crime is not easy, and our efforts are often unappreciated. I know what goes into a true crime book for such publishers as Pinnacle (Kensington) or St. Martins. These are research intensive and emotionally draining.

There is nothing easy about true crime writing.  What does "break my heart" is when a reviewer on Amazon pans a book by any true crime author (not just me) by saying, in effect, that all the author did was rehash police reports and trial transcripts. Those folks don't grasp that police reports and trial transcripts are comprised of thousand upon thousands of pages, and if there is more than one trial, or if the investigation is extensive, you are facing boxes and boxes of material that must be read in full, studied, analyzied and I could go on and on.

As with any other craft or accomplishment, we are supposed to make it "look effortless" and be entertaining. Sometimes we achieve our goal, sometimes we fall short, but I assure you, it is never effortless, and it is always hard hard work.

We do it for a variety of motives. I write true crime because I believe that these books can save lives, and in doing so, elevate the victim's death to sacrifice for the lives of others.  While my current book,  Mom Said Kill (Pinnacle True Crime) is garnering mixed reviews (5 stars and 1 stars!), Corry Mitchel's latest,   Pure Murder (Pinnacle True Crime) is a solid 5.  He deserves those 5 stars because he managed to craft a fantastic book that grabs you and never lets you go. Corey has been a wonderful guest on TRUE CRIMES, and I'm sure we will have him on again if he can fit us into his schedule.  In the meantime, Don and I are thrilled and delighted to have the Best True Crime Radio Show. Upcoming guests include True Crime guru Star LaBranche, Caitlin Rother   Body Parts (Pinnacle True Crime) , and many more of your favorite authors.  You can listen to past shows on the player at the show's website. 

Oh, one last thing. MOM SAID KILL does have some five star and four star reviews on Amazon. You may love it; you may not, but for the price, books are still your best entertainment investment. For me, a book isn't finished until you read it.  I am already writing my next true crime book. More hard work, but work I love.

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  1. DogsDontPurr

    I thought your book, “Mom Said Kill,” was brilliant! It’s one of those types of books that you don’t want to end because it’s so good. I was very impressed by the amount of detail that you had, and how you laid it all out in a manner that kept me glued!


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