OK  anticpate a madhouse on Outlaw Radio today…I’ve been up all night working on five things at once…and will be a wreck by the time
Don Woldman
and go on the air at 2pm PDT — one hour before Matt Alan’s wild romp in the Lighten Up Lounge (yes, Don and I will be there also)— but first we will solve all the problems of the universe PLUS have special guest Steven Long — famous investigative journalist who writes really gripping true crime books on the "air" with us today on the OUTLAW RADIO NETWORK…find us on your computer at   just click the listen live link and you will hear us through your media player.

The guy with the cigar up there is Don Woldman. He is a very famous attorney. Today he will tell a horror story about Mickey Rooney. Can’t wait!

Steven Long will reveal the shocking true story of a BIG LIE told in a famous murder trial — he had the scoop on the truth but…..well, listen and find out!

On more lucrative fronts, MOM SAID KILL, my latest literary masterpiece is on advance sale NOW…it comes out October 7th, but reserve your copy today — you realize, i’m sure, that there is a tremendous black market for mass market true crime books.

4 Responses to “TRUE CRIME LIVE TODAY AT 2pm PDT”

  1. Mike Barer

    I love the idea of citizen radio. I’d love to see individuals with their own radio stations just like we have our own blogs. I could be real good.

  2. DogsDontPurr

    I definitely want to get your book. I see it’s on Amazon, pre~order, but are you selling it direct? Let me know. Either way, you know I must have my copy signed!


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