"The first show," said producer Matt Alan, "was 70% better than I expected. I didn’t think it was going to suck, I just thought that since Burl hadn’t hosted a live radio show in several years that it might be all over the place — but it was great!"

Thanks, Matt!  Don Woldman and I debuted our new live internet radio show on Saturday March 15th at 2pm PDT, one hour before Matt’s three hour gab fest. Our first scheduled guest, famed investigative journalist Steven Long (Out of Control) got a bit confused on time zone issues and called the studio two hours early. By the time we went on the air, Long was long gone at a rodeo. Yes, a rodeo.  "Mea Maxima Culpa," exclaimed Long. "FYI, I love the sport of rodeo because I hate PETA. The
vegans tried to get me fired at the Houston Chronicle once but it didn’t
take. What did take and got me fired was when I wrote a story about
George H.W. Bush sitting in some poor woman’s seat a month after he left
office and the Secret Service bullying her and everybody around them when
they told the former president to move. Turns out, the publisher was best
pals with [Bush]. I didn’t last after tha
 My apologies to Burl and all concerned. I would have been good

We were not upset with Mr. Long. We assumed he had a sudden attack of prudent personal decision making, and felt that his name should not be directly associated with two old guys sitting around talking about the poor fellow who had sex with a hedgehog…his doctor told him it would cure his premature ejaculation.  The hedgehog, after smoking and talking, is resting comfortably. The gentleman had painfull surgery to repair his repeatedly pierced private parts.  Hedgehogs, for those of you unfamiliar with these capricious creatures, have sharp spines on them similar to a porcupine.

We also discussed the lady who pulled out a rifle (where was THAT concealed) and shot her hubby in the back after he used a handgun to kill his wife’s PET CHICKEN.

We didn’t make these up.  Woldman, being a famed showbiz attorney asked me pointed and penetrating questions about writing true crime, research, cooperation of cops and perps, etc.  The show flowed in a peculiar fashion from the sublime to absurd and back again…the hour sped by, and then Don and I were in our usual seats in the Lighten Up Lounge….

Next week there will be more crime and conviviality…come join us LIVE on the Outlaw Radio Network for TRUE CRIME INTERNATIONAL…..the show doesn’t really have a name…we are working on that…if you have any ideas, let us know.

Burl Barer


  1. DogsDontPurr

    How about: “The True Crime Hour with Barer and Woldman”?
    Although, maybe that sounds too serious, kind of like “The Evening News with David Brinkley.”
    I get the feeling you guys aren’t all that in to being serious. But I only caught the last couple minutes of the show. I will definitely set an alarm so I don’t miss it next week.


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