I get  kick out of twitter, although I had to nuke some dude who flooded me with non-stop Tweets that were nothing but links to his products. Hell, he didn't even say "I just ate cornflakes" before posting the link to his real estate seminars.

Sure, I use Twitter to let folks know when I have posted another brilliant feature to IN COLD BLOG, have confirmed a new guest for my award winning TRUE CRIMES radio show, or to announce my appearance on an upcoming episode of SNAPPED.

Some folks are remarkably adept at using Twitter for connecting with fans, future fans, and making sales. There are all manner of special interest Tweets, and you can always count on the "Adult" Industry to be in the advance guard of any medium.  If it were not for adult films, you wouldn't have VCR, DVD, or other such advancements. They didn't create the technology, but they were brave enough to use it. This is why one prominent video magazine refused to stop carrying adverts for XXX films when their competitors stopped accepting them.  They stated quite simply that to do so would be an insult to the pioneers of home video.  I'm not suggesting that you become a big fan of XXX video, or run out and buy several "adult" DVD collections, but I do believe in being honest about history. Such things as air brushing away FDR's cigarette, or the one in Paul McCartney's hand in the Beattles' poster is too Orwelian for a liberal such as I.

I will continue to Tweet, blog, Facebook etc…as long as I don't forget that my primary obligation behind this keyboard is to write books, film treatments and other income producing creative material.

Jayla Starr, an adult performer who is also an avid reader (guess they have time to read between those elaborate set-ups) occasionally films her "adventures" not far from me in Woodland Hills.  She Tweets with a vengence, and for someone in a career with a short earning window, I hope she does well so she can retire early and open a Dairy Queen franchise, Family Guy Museum, or head shop. 

Now, if you will excuse me, I must go Tweet that my guest Saturday on True Crimes is Robin Sax of the L.A.Prosecutors Office, an author of that new book about protecting your kids from molestors.
Robin sax book

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