Two New Books Coming Soon from Burl Barer !

While Manling Williams' Deadly Sins cotinues selling briskly, and folks are still enjoy the serial killer opus, BODY COUNT,  I'm gearing up for two releases that have each been twenty years in the making! 

Mo My true crime classic, MAN OVERBOARD,returns in an expanded 20th anniversary edition with plenty of bonus material.  Check out the hot new cover!


As if that weren't exciting enough, at long last, LOVE AT THE COST OF LIFE, an oral history of the persecution of Iran's religious minority following the 1979 Iranian Revolution, is coming soon!  Mrs Payan Rahimi spent more than two decades preparing this authorative and authentic series of in-person interviews with the families of those who died at the hands of the Khomeini Regime. LOVE

 The book was published in Farsi last year, and now the English language version is coming out any week now. I had the honor of "translating" the literal English tranlation into conversational English. Fully illustrated, this book will outlive us all. 

Meanwhile, back at my desk, I'm still wrestling THE SAINT STRIKES BACK (working title) two out of three falls. The publisher wanted a UK based novel, but my first hand knowledge of UK geography, landing strips and harbours is not up to my USA knowledge. I'd bug Ian Dickerson but he's busy on a Saint novel of his own, and he just arranged for the re-release of Leslie Charteris' original Saint novels both in the UK and in USA via Amazon!


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