Was it Tiresome for You?

Researchers are struggling
to understand a rare medical condition where sufferers
unknowingly demand, or actually have, sex while asleep.

You might foolishly ask: What’s wrong with that? If  you are already in bed with your partner, whose going to complain?

Here’s the problem.  The wife, for example, has this condition, and begins initiating sex while asleep. The husband responds appropriately, but this WAKES UP THE WIFE who then gets alll pissy about him jumping her while she is asleep!    His protestastions of, "but you started it, and now that you’re awake, let’s do it" fall on deaf ears. She falls back to sleep and it starts all over again!

Most researchers view sexsomnia as a variant of
sleepwalking, where sufferers are stuck between sleep and
wakefulness, though sexsomniacs tend to stay in bed rather than
get up and walk abo

While sleepwalking affects two to four percent of adults,
sexsomnia is not thought to be as common a problem, according
to Nik Trajanovic, a researcher at the sleep and alertness
clinic at Canada’s Toronto Western Hospital.

  "On rare
occasions you have stories of people liking it better than
waking sex."

Michael Mangan, a
psychologist at the University of New Hampshire in the U.S. has
set up a Web site, www.sleepsex.org, to help sufferers.

Meanwhile Trajanovic is devising a procedure for diagnosing
sexsomnia in legal cases where sufferers have been accused of
sexual assault.

  "Your Honor, I didn’t intend to have sex with the woman in my bed. I was asleep when it happened, and she didn’t make any movement or response sufficient to wake me.  In other words, no different than usual"


Burl Barer at SimonSays, official publisher’s site

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