We scooped the networks, and we’re gonna do it again!

 Don Woldman and I knew we were onto something big when we had Ron "Bear" Tyler on our radio show last month — his daddy planned the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr under the direction of the FBI.  "Bear" named names, detailed events, backed everything up with hard evidence, and talked about the FBI informants inside the MLK/civil rights camp(s).   What we had on TRUE CRIME UNCENSORED last month, is just now hitting the networks.   Well…this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg.   A major cold case is about to be blown wide open on October 7th — and on October 9th, you will hear the details from the crime busters who will be making headlines.  I can say no more now – but trust me on this!

Meanwhile, check out the show's website for info on our upcoming guests!

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  1. new balance

    Even himself into a peck of dirt, as long as it is in truth to the avenue, let their partners, boldness and also the biggest happiness.Do you think so?


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