West Hollywood Book Fair

Yes, the West Hollywood Book Fair featured four of the most dynamic and intelligent authors in America — but instead, I spent time with my nieces and nephews, who are also authors.Burl_with_karen_linda_tod_and_lee_sept_2

I’m the handsome dude in the dark shirt standing next to the shockingly overweight Tod Goldberg. His latest book is up for some award. He found out about it on the Internet, and they still have not contacted him directly. I hope there is a huge cash prize if he wins. Successful nephews often take their old uncles to lunch.

<<< this is Karen and Linda. They are sisters. Honest. They are on a world tour promoting their new book about artistic journaling. Karen is a lawyer by day, author by night. Don’t screw with these two when it comes to royalty payments. Karen will sue your ass.
As for Linda, don’t screw with her or she will tell Karen and Karen will sue your ass. Worse, she will tell Tod and he will write about you in his Blog and call you a "fucktard." Honest.

It is amazing that all four of these siblings are authors. Their mother is also a published author. So is their Uncle Burl, cousin Dave is a journalist, late uncle Sid wrote for Time Magazine, their Nana was also a newspaper woman — etc. etc. etc.
Lee writes the Diagnosis Murder books, the Monk books, and writes TV shows. He is best loved for his compelling episodes of Baywatch. Okay…maybe it was The New Adventures of Flipper.  Actually, he wrote for Diagnosis Murder, Spencer for Hire, and a couple other cool shows that were canceled. He was nominated for an Edgar Award TWICE.  He is off to Germany to show them how to write "American Style" TV shows –you know, like Hogan’s Heroes.
What is Uncle Burl writing besides bad checks and cheeky blogs? Well, since you demand an answer, I’m working on a new true crime case, "MOM SAID KILL."  It’s a very cheerful story of a mother who promises her 13 year old daughter a dirt bike if the kid and her pals will kill mom’s boss. Sad story — the kid does NOT get the dirt bike.

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  1. karen

    Further to our discussion of the upcoming anthology, “Bad Dad,” I have just sold a new anthology, “Bad Uncle.” Your description of beloved nephew Tod is Chapter One!


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