We’ve all heard about Pit Bull attacks.
They’re covered on most local news stations and sometimes nationally as
well. Of course, there’s never a news report about a Pomeranian or Lab
or Setter biting someone. And yet, they most certainly bite

Have you ever wondered, though, whether the reports of Pit Bull
attacks are accurate? Have you ever wondered if the dog that attacked
was really a Pit Bull? As it turns out, many dog attacks reported as
Pit Bull are really not Pits at all. It’s a shame that Newscasters
don’t think that correcting their erroneous reporting would make for
good television. So the mistaken report of a Pit Bull attack remains in
the viewer’s mind.

Dont’ believe me? Well, could you pick out a Pit Bull from a line
up? I thought I could but in fact, it took me two tries. That’s right,
I missed it the first time. And I’ve owned Pit Bulls! So, let’s see how you do with this quiz.
Click through the 5 pages of 26 pictures. You can go all the way
through and back again. Look them over carefully. Then click on the
American Pit Bull Terrier. Just be aware, there is only one Pit Bull.

I’d love to know how everyone does with the test. Hopefully,
everyone will be honest. I’ve never known anyone who could find the pit
bull on the first try. Now be honest, how many tries did it take you?

5 Responses to “PIT BULLS”

  1. Anea

    Ok, it took me 3 tries to find the pit bull puppy – but the full size pit bull took me 14 tries.

  2. Burl Barer

    It depends on the country in which you live. Isis is an American Staffordshire Terrier(STAFFY) but in the UK she is a Pit Bull Terrier and forbidden to exist. Shhhh don’t tell her — she is very sensitive.


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