What do I write first?

It is such a cushy life being an author. You sit on your rear and find excuses not to write. Blogging and Facebook are excellent ways to waste time and justify it by claiming the importance of interacting with your "audience," and asking advice from said audience, such as "What do I write first?"\

Here is the line-up:

1. THE DEAD MAN….my contribution to the new hit e-book series of supernatural thrillers

2. RETURN OF THE SAINT….I'm about one third into this new novel featuring the famous Simon Templar

3. DRAGON LADY — The true crime story of the woman known here as "the dragon lady" because she murdererd her kids and then stabbed her hubby 95 times with a samurai sword.

4. "I Killed Your Husband" — my contribution to a forthcoming true crime compendium

So, vote. Which one do I write first?


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