What I love about Texas!

I arrived in Austin, Texas on Sunday morning. By Sunday afternoon, I was enjoying one of the most amazing Texas-only experiences — let me give you a hint: They call them "Texas Stop Signs"

A Texas Stop Sign is……


Yes, Dairy Queen. But a Texas Dairy Queen is NOT the same as a Dairy Queen in Washington, Oregon, California, or any other place where I've enjoyed Hot Eats and Cool Treats. No, a Texas Dairy Queen is unique and marvelous.


In Texas, the menu is different. Forget the "Ultimate Burger" famed at your local Dairy Queen. It is NOTHING compared to the BELT BUSTER BURGER. This thing is HUGE and FLAVORFUL and you just ain't had a burger 'till you've been to a Texas Dairy Queen.  There are a few "drawbacks" to the DQ in Texas if you've been raised on Dilly Bars made on site — these are pre-packaged. But the burgers are, as my ex used to say, BEYOND THE BEYOND. No kidding. I don't know why the Texas DQ is different from all the others…but it IS.  The slogan is "What you love about Texas."  That may sound absurd, but once you've had a Texas DQ Belt Buster, you are ready to forgive Texas their draconian drug laws, penchant for fast track state sponsored executions, and other piddling matters — in real life, the standard of civilization rests upon the quality of a hamburger, and Texas DQ sets the standard.

Now, I admit being a big fan of California's CARL'S JR.  "Six Dollar Burger" — but flavor for flavor, texture for texture, the BELT BUSTER has it beat.


Now, the big question is: Why don't other states have the Texas menu?

As a professional investigative journalist, I'm dedicated to finding out. Watch this space for the inside story of why Texas gets the best DQ!

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  1. Randy Steele

    I grew up on the Texas Belt Buster, and it is the best burger made. When I moved to Georgia at age 15 and went to the local DQ I was crushed.
    Georgia has the worst DQs ever and they don’t have any Whataburgers either. After reading this story now I know it’s not just Georgia that has been denied that awesome burger.


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