Margo Swenson has sent me five emails today, and I have never heard of her in my life. Not only that, but dear Margo thinks I am OBESE and  emotionally distressed about it.   

Margo had the nerve to write: "We know you
hate the extra pounds, the ugly look and the social stigmata attached to
fat people. Moreover, you can barely do anything about the appetite."

Did YOU tell Margo that I was fat? C’mon fess up. Someone told Margo that I was obese, unhappy, and stuffed myself all day long as IDps_20020917 watched Dr. Phil and his lil’ spinner of a cutsey-poo spouse.

Well, Margo is right about one thing — I do hate the social stigma attached to "fat people."  I am not obese, in fact I tend to be svelt and slender.  I’m 6’2" and weight 195 lbs.  Yes, tall dark and handsome. If I were 295 lbs would that make a difference in the value of my personal reality? Nope.

People who have significant difficulty with their weight don’t need to feel worse because of Margo’s unsolicited emails….oh, but Margo has a message — she wants me to BUY SOMETHING..She wants me to buy Anatrim.

Margo, if you were a real person, which you are not,  I would answer your email and tell you where to stuff your Anatrim. Instead I am sending Margo a bill for $500.00   You see, under the law, I can charge a $500 evaluation and storage fee for unsolicited commercial emails sent to  I have been sending out bills to spammers but so far, none of them have paid up.

All those who think I should turn Margo over for collection if she doesn’t pay in 90 days, say "aye."


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