i CANT FIND MY CELL PHONE — AGAIN!  No, i wasn’t mugged and robbed. No, i didn’t have burglars crawling through the windows — I don’t live in Vegas anymore. I had the damn thing in my hand. I went outside and got Isis. Went to the bathroom.,worked on the computer, and then decided to plug the phone into the charger. I reached for it and ?????? where is it??? I CANT FIND IT!!! I called Verizon and had them call my number and listened for a ring. NOTHING!  I retraced my steps. Did I set it down outside when I unhooked Isis from the dog run? Did someone walk off with it? Did I set it down in the men’s room and someone walked off with it? Did it simply get burried under some clothes that I was tossing around and the ringer is muffled? Not wanting to risk it — i had verizon suspend my cell service until i replace the phone or find it — I have a Kyocera that will work but it needs a battery. The phone is insured, but it is $50 deductible and shipping. In the meantime  people get the message that my phone is disconected. IF YOU NEED TO CALL ME, and my cell still isnt working, call me at:

310-452-1469 EXT> 332

There is no message feature on that number — either i answer or i don’t. I will start the process of getting cell service again tomorrow. Ironically, my bill is paid and up to date at Verizon — no service and I dont owe them a dime!


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