I’m looking for a place to live, and the prices around here leave me drop jawed and dizzy.  Example: Studio apartment (no bedroom). $1695.  Okay, that’s in Venice and on the beach.  In Las Vegas, I paid $950 for a two bedroom apartment at the Country Club overlooking the green. When they raised the rent to $1200, I moved across the street to The Palms where 1,000 sq ft was $650. Of course, the place was flooded, the management refused to fix the door lock — and refused to fix the leak that flooded my apartment,then accused me of being a public nuisance for playing Mariachi music at full blast when I drove my truck home from work at 4am.  I NEVER HAD  A TRUCK. I DONT LISTEN TO MARIACHI MUSIC. I AM NOT THE PERSON WHO PULLED INTO THE PARKING LOT AT 4AM WITH THEIR CAR STEREO BLASTING MEXICO’S GREATEST HITS!! Despite my explanation that just because this person parked in front of my apartment (i didnt use the space because i had no car) didn’t mean that I were he, or he were I, or that I was the guy! They refused to believe me. When I insisted that they repair the leak that flooded the apartment, they refused, telling me to leave because I was a public nuisance. Before i left, I got signed letters from my neighbors confirming that I was never a problem, nor a nuisance. I was just informed that The Palms has referred me for collection for $1300.00.  Amazing! As I didn’t owe them money when I moved out, and they sold my bed and delivered it to someone off -property the day after I checked out,  how can I owe them money? Well, this screws with me being able to rent an apt. from any apt. management company.  Soooo…I’m searching Craigslist.org for sane possibilities. Sadly, I am not a vegan lesbian into yoga or I could share a lovely home, sleep on the futon, and grow my own yogurt for a mere $2300 a month. Anyone who has a clue about where I can live in the Los Angeles area for less than a grand a month, let me know.

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  1. Danny Barer

    You might try the Palms/Culver City/Mar Vista area — although I haven’t rented there in eight years; and since the new academic year has started, it may be full of UCLA students.

  2. Dogsdontpurr

    I’ve heard that there are some good prices in Manhattan Beach….hard to believe, but that’s what I’ve been told. And a lot of the areas around the airport are rent controlled….which is fabulous! If I didn’t have rent control, my apartment would be double what I’m paying now!
    You might also check out El Segundo and places south. Also, I think there are still places to be had in the Hollywood area.
    If you need someone to drive you around and look for “For Rent” signs, or just to look at places, give me a call. We could make a day of it.
    Good luck!


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