Who Stole Walla Walla?

Walla Walla, Washington. The town so nice, they named it twice. But something is wrooooong. The Norman Rockwell Americana town of my childhood has become posessed. Somewhere behind one of the 900 wine tasting rooms and foo-foo hanging fern sushi on a stick restaurants is, I'm sure, a giant stack of PODS!! Invasion of the body snatchers It is CREEEEPY.

Okay, I don't begrudge the town's new Napa North image…it just feels weird. Places that were once unpretentious and funky are now upscale and super nice. Too nice.  Everything is nice. Everything is upscale. Success is okay. Tourism is okay too.  Tomorrow I'll look around and see if i can find a piece of authenticity — something of honest Walla Walla heritage. You know, something that reeks of rural Eastern Washington history, such as a brothel, dive bar, or scrap yard.  If I find one, I'll let you know.

HOW  TO MURDER YOUR WIFE — Marilee Strong, author of Erased, was wonderful on  TRUE CRIMES last  Saturday. Listen to an INSTANT REPLAY of the show.


8 Responses to “Who Stole Walla Walla?”

  1. Catie

    Hi Burl,
    Good post. I don’t know what to tell you about finding a piece of rural Eastern Washington history. Even the Green Lantern received a face lift. Maybe the Rochester Tavern?

  2. Burl Barer

    Gee do I have to go to Umapine? Well, I’ll scope out the environs today and see what’s shaking.

  3. Jeff Reynolds (yeah right)

    Burl, I’ve recently moved back and found a few things have remained the same (other than the song): Hot Poop. Tommy’s Dutch Lunch. Scenic Loop. Ice Burg. M-F Supper Club. But no McFeely Tavern, Red Apple, Dacres… or punchboards.

  4. burl barer

    Hot Poop is indeed the same wonderful place as always. I didn’t make it to Tommy’s. Was on my way to the Ice-Burg but got sidetracked by the taco wagon 🙂
    So, SOME things are the same

  5. Danny Barer

    What amazes me about Hot Poop is that Jim, the owner, always recognizes me when I visit — despite the sometimes half-decade interludes between my visits.
    One part of Walla Walla that never seems to change is Merchants Ltd., which preceded the other Napa-like businesses in town by over 20 years and yet fits in perfectly.


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