Who’s That On Rosie’s Blog?

If you go to Rosie’s blog, you’ll see my neice Linda on the left side margin wearing a PEACE T-shirt. WOW.

I knew there was a reason I still like Rosie. Plus, Rosie is an advocate of human rights, justice, equality, and the elimination of prejudice. No one who advocates such good things can be all bad…or all good,..or all anything…go rent HALF NELSON..a movie that is excellent, but not all the time.

Meanwhile, once again I was a guest on Outlaw Radio with Matt Alan..live from the Encino Hills…this time I was on with another batch of fabulous entertaining people. Very Special guest was Robert Hays ..best known probably for AIRPLANE and AIRPLANE 2 Robert_hays
He was fabulous, funny, and we had a marvelous time. Also on the show was Preston Niles of the Knack, Richard Tyson (actor too)Tyson

and all sorts of other cool people who will be mad that I didn’t mention their names! The show is on every saturday from 3pm-6pm with an “aftershow” from 6-9 pm pacific time. You can hear it live on your computer by going to http://www.mrcigar.com
if it doesnt work, its because of your firewall or something.. it is only on when it is on…wait till saturday..we shall return!

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  1. david Zarkin

    Speaking of radio. you must see movie “Telling Lies in America” with Kevin Bacon as a loveable but corrupt DJ at a top 10 station in 1960. Brad Renfro is super as the juvenile. I recommend this movie and you must know other DJ movies that you can recommend.


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