Why Illiterate Idiots Should not Post on Amazon: It pisses me off.

The same day that Publishers Weekly reviewed FATAL BEAUTY, saying "Barer's research is impressive, including diligent exposition of secondary subjects, "  J. Childers (famed for posting 7 reviews on Amazon, none of them positive)  posted a ONE STAR review of my book on Amazon saying, "All the author did was quote detectives, attorneys, and copy the court transcripts. Whatever happened to researching people's pasts? I could have done a better job!!!"

That cinched it for me — Childers is an idiot.

My editor has advised me not to read Amazon.com reviews as ignoramous fucktards enjoy posting one and two star reviews of books just to screw with the authors — it gives them a sense of power. Well, when Publishers Weekly praises part of my efforts, and also faults my book for  "stubborn chronology" and "just the fact's ma'am" style, I don't mind at all — heck, I was going for stubborn chronology and a just the facts ma'am style. But when folks with no professional credentials say that they could have written it better (and with three !'s) I want to hurl my laptop into their cerebral cortex.

Dear J. Childers: I am eager to read your published investigative true crime books. I am always eager to learn, and will personally and publicly thank you for your contributions to my professional growth.

Warmest regards,
Burl Barer

 I discovered that this same asshat also gave one of my previous books only one star, saying it was poorly written, not researched, and was just court transcripts, and that they read MURDER IN THE FAMILY and didn't like that either!  I forgot that I had dealt with this illiterate previously, and had replied to their comment:

While I'm sorry you didn't like the book, your comment about lack of research is bizarre. This book was heavily researched with extensive input from the victim's parents, family friends, and the police detectives involved in the investigation, and the process of making information from court documents part of a narrative is difficult — more so, of course, when there are multiple trials.

Murder in the Family contains information you will never find in any court documents also, and my forthcoming book FATAL BEAUTY deals extensively with aspects of the case that were excluded from even being mentioned during the trial. While I wish you enjoyed my books, to find fault with them on imaginary issues rather bothers me. We all have different tastes. and my style obviously doesn't appeal to you. That's okay. I know I can't please everyone. I am known, however, for extensive research, so I'm sure you understand why I would feel a bit hurt by your comment. Perhaps you would enjoy some of my fiction as there are no court documents involved whatsoever. 

Undoubtedly, were Childers to read my fiction, the complaint would be "All he did was make it up! I could have done it better!!!"


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