Why Radio Doesn’t Work

This is an email I sent to a discussion list to which I belong — I thought I would share it here as well.
The self-destructive nature of contemporary radio
  sales/programming/pricing, now imitated by most television outlets with the
  same disasterous results, continues to amaze me.  A twenty year study of
  radio advertising revealed something most of us could have told them in ten
  seconds: it is overpriced to the point that the advertiser who could benifit
  from it cant afford sufficient frequency.
The NARB and it’s members have
  jconcentrated on raising the percieved value of advertising time, limiting the
  number of adverts per hour, raising the price based on limited opportunity to
  reach the target audience, and then clustering those ads in an ineffective
  block — assuring listenor tune-out and encouraging tune out by portraying
  FREE MINUTES!  I wouldnt give my advertising dollar to any jerk who
  insults the hand that feeds him.  In the days when common sense
  prevailed, we didnt call them "commercials" we termed them "friendly
  reminders" or "important and entertaing messages from our proud
ESPN knows the secret of success in tv advertising — never more
  than a 60 second break and always IN THE  CONTENT, NOT BETWEEN THE
If your sponsors dont get results they can take to the bank, or
  maintain their market share in a market share battle, your station has failed
  — no matter how great the numbers, how overpaid the consultants, or how many
  fart jokes your morning man "gets away with" —  advertising is meant to
  be an investment, not an expense, and it is only WORTH what it

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  1. Anea

    Absolutely correct my papa! That is why so many companies are moving to online viral marketing – ads that don’t seem like ads, they come off like “buzz” instead.


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