Three Stents in my Ticker — not exactly Three Coins in the Fountain — is on my agenda for Wednesday afternoon.  The doctors say it is a piece of cake. Nothing to worry about. They do it all the time.  Of course, I am worried. 

Why Worry? I dunno.  If it were sudden and life threatening as it was on the 23rd, then I would have no apprehension. Now, however, I have anticipation/apprehension. I didn’t see it comming on the 23rd, but I can watch the clock as the event approaches today.  I’m not worried about being dead — dead i can deal with. I worry about some screw-up with anesthesia that wipes my brain’s A-drive or something. It happened to Mark Tobey. He went in for a piece of cake hernia operation and could never paint again.  This is the type of thing that scares me. What if i come out of this and I can’t type, write, dictate or think, but I can play the violin? I don’t own a violin, so I would never know that I could play it.  This is very troubling.  Stan (my brother) and I are going fishing in the morning. I think a trout or two will calm my nerves.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: I would love to compliment every friend, family member, and former co-worker who has be so kind as to inquire into my health and well being in the past few weeks. It really means a great deal to me.  Some folks, however, don’t feel comfortable being praised in public. So, I WON’T MENTION YOUR NAMES — YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, AND I LOVE YOU. 


3 Responses to “WHY WORRY?”

  1. Susan Balcuns

    Don’t know if you’re awake yet….Don’t know what time you had the procedure done…But I’m SURE!!! you are and will be FINE!!!! Just think!!!! Your heart can breathe now!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….Think of it as your heart had a bad “cold”…It was all plugged up, but now that they opened up your “passages” AKA arteries, you’ll be good as new!!
    I’m thinking about you!!!!!!

  2. David Zarkin

    I agree that anticipation of an event is difficult. When you get back online you will fill us in with details. I survived heart surgery. Have some good & bad days. Philo Vance is good but even better is “Getting Gertie’s Garter” and “Up in Mabel’s Room” which I ordered online & if I am not dealing with goniffs I could yet again view It’s been some time since I saw them on KXLY-TV. Cousin Dave


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