Burl_and_angie_dickinsonYes, that’s me with Angie Dickinson. I could reveal that Angie and I are lovers,  but that wouldn’t be true. I could reveal that the USA invaded Iraq because the ruling regime had weapons of mass destruction aimed at us, but that is also not true. I could tell you that the USA has  more weapons of mass destruction than every other country in the world put together, and that would  be true. Angie  has no weapons of mass destruction. She is very sweet. She was also married to Burt Bacharach. She was never married to Nicle Kidman. She hates Eddie Fisher.

This is Sid Bernstein. He isn’t gay. Eddie Fisher was the best man at his wedding. He was never married to Angie Dickinson or Nicole Kidman. My friend Allen Goldblatt used to work for Sid. Allen isn’t gay either, but was briefly rumored to be having an affair with Liz Taylor who was once married to Eddie Fisher.

EDDIE FISHER with his very rich bride BETTY LIN FISHER. He was formerly married to DEBBIE REYNOLDS, CONNIE STEVENS and ELIZABETH TAYLOR. During the wedding ceremony EDDIE cried with happiness. The wedding took place at a beautiful La Jolla mansion.  She pased away and Eddie is now very very rich.


That’s Allen Goldblatt with me  back when we both had lots of hair. We were about 20 years old when this picture was taken.  You can see why he  was linked with Liz Taylor.  I look as if I should be linked with Eddie Fisher.


  1. Mike Barer

    I would love to have my picture with Angie Dickenson. I may have to settle for having my picture taken with you since you had your picture taken with Angie.

  2. Mike Barer

    I think Connie Stevens was his best catch. Connie had daughter Joely, who has a good career. Do you know was Carrie Fisher’s Mom was?

  3. Dan Dennis

    Since you are not lovers with Angie, Liz, Joely,Carrie, Sid,or Eddie, or Joy. Who the hell are you sleeping with?

  4. dave zarkin

    I don’t know if Scott Shannon is sleeping with Angie, but he sure is super with the True Oldies on 740 WMIN via ABC radio. Mike B. says he might have worked for KJR. So what do you know about my favorite DJ Scotty Boy?

  5. Mike Barer

    That was almost the same haircut that I had that summer. Except that you had the chops and I was not allowed to grow it that long.


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