Your name is common, mine isn’t
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people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Well, I have news for them. There is ONE person in the USA named Burl Barer, and that is I.

There are less than 500 people in America named BARER. All of us are related. I’ve met a lot of them, and many more I haven’t met.  There is a BARER FAMILY group on Facebook, with some interesting info, and Alan Barer’s blog has wonderful family stories from years gone by.

How many people have your name? Find out.

Meanwhile, I’m finishing up MOM SAID KILL for Pinnacle True Crime, and polishing CRUSH HOUR, the action/adventure/disaster novel I wrote with Jeff Green, Danger Fisherman! WOO HOOO…that one is FUN!

4 Responses to “Your name is common, mine isn’t”

  1. Mike Barer

    There is a Mike Barer who lives in Calgary and is in a rock band. I found another Sam Barer, Steve Barer, and a David Barer but you are the only Burl Barer.

  2. Anea

    My name is even more uncommon than my fathers when I go to the site nobody has either my first or last names 🙂

  3. Sam

    Not only is there another Sam Barer, but his father is “the other” Mike Barer. These are the so-called “Montana Barers” from Great Falls.
    Furthermore, Mike’s father was also Sam Barer.
    There’s only one Burl Barer, mostly because your name translates out roughly to: “Bear Barer”…although, technically you’re the second Bear Barer to live in America, with your grandfather Barrel Barer being the first.
    And if we get beyond the whole name thing…how many Barers have been writers, disc jockeys, lawyers???

  4. burl barer

    Montana Barer’s are a wild bunch! I used to have a moose tooth from Uncle Buck and Aunt Mary Barer…they didn’t have moose teeth in their mouths, but Uncle Buck gave me one anyway. They lived in Phoenix..I could never quite unravel who was whose father son cousin etc in the entire Montana/Arizona contingent of the Barer clan — ask Alan, he knows everything!


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