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 I recently met the woman who was executive secretary of ZIV Television Productions. Boy, does she have stories!  I always admired the way ZIV could crank out TV shows in two days! They refined the process, however, and got their Zivproduction schedule down to one and a half days per show!

Here is the list of ZIV television productions, and appropriate links.

Boston Blackie (ZIV)) starring Kent Taylor
The Unexpected (ZIV) (1952) Suspense Anthology hosted by Herbert Marshall
Your Favorite Story  (ZIV)) Anthology series hosted by Adolphe Menjou
I Led Three Lives (ZIV)) starring Richard Carlson
Waterfront (ZIV)(1954-55) starring Preston Foster
Mr. District Attorney (ZIV)(1954-55) starring David Brian
The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) starring Eddie Cantor
Science Fiction Thatre (ZIV-Ivan Tors)(1955-57) annthology series
Highway Patrol (ZIV)(1955-59) starring Broderick Crawford
Man Called "X" (ZIV)) starring Barry Sullivan
Doctor Christian (ZIV)(1956-57) starring MacDonald Carey
Harbor Command (ZIV)(1957-58) starring Wendell Corey
Harbourmaster/Advs.at Scott Island (ZIV)(1957-58) starring Barry Sullivan & Paul Burke

Martin Kane, Private Investigator (ZIV)(UK}) starring William Gargan
Dial 999 (ZIV)(UK)) starring Robert Beatty

West Point Story (ZIV)(1956-57) Military Anthology series
Men of Annapolis (ZIV)(1957-58) Naval Anthology series
Target (ZIV)(1957-58) Anthology series hosted by Adolphe Menjou

Sea Hunt (ZIV- Ivan Tors)(1958-61) starring Lloyd Bridges
"The Scuba Guy" website – inc. episode guide

World of Giants W.O.G. (possibly ZIV)(1959) starring Marshall Thompson
Men into Space (ZIV-IvanTors)(1959-60) starring William Lundigan
This Man Dawson (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Keith Andes
Troubleshooters (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Keenan Wynn
The Man & The Challenge (ZIV)(1959-60) starring George Nader
Bold Venture (ZIV)(1959-60) starring Dane Clark
Lock Up (ZIV)(1959-61) starring MacDonald Carey
The Case of the Dangerous Robin (ZIV)(1960-61) starring Rick Jason
Acapulco (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger (replaced "Klondike" NOT western)
The Aquanauts / Malibu Run (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1960-61) starring Keith Larsen / Ron Ely
Miami Undercover (ZIV)(1961) starring Lee Bowman
King of Diamonds ((ZIV-UA)(1961-62) starring Broderick Crawford
Everglades (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1961-62) starring Ron Hayes
Ripcord (ZIV-UA-Ivan Tors)(1961-63) starring Larry Pennell & Ken Curtis
Keyhole (ZIV-UA) (1962) Semi-Documentary series Produced & Narrated by Jack Douglas

Lee Marvin presents Lawbreaker ((ZIV-UA)(1963-64) Semi-Documentary  dramatizations of real cases

ZIV Western series Guide

The Cisco Kid (ZIV)(1951-55) starring Duncan Renaldo & Leo Carillo
Tombstone Territory (ZIV)(1957-59) starring Pat Conway & Richaed Eastham
Mackenzie’s Raiders (ZIV)(1958-59) starring Richard Carlson
The Rough Riders (ZIV)(1958-59) starring Kent Taylor
Bat Masterson (ZIV-UA)(1958-61) starring Gene Barry
Klondike (ZIV-UA)(1960-61) starring Ralph Taeger, James Coburn

ZIV Comedy series Guide

Meet Corliss Archer (ZIV)(1954-55) starring Ann Baker
The Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre (ZIV)(1955) starring Eddie Cantor


  1. David Zarkin

    This is a super post. I have a video tape of Ziv’s Boston Blackie episode and don’t ask how I got it. I loved BB in the 50s on KHQ, Spokane. I think United Artists bought Ziv, but I could be wrong. I will do post directing folks to your Ziv post.

  2. Danny Barer

    I recall seeing an episode of Boston Blackie through some TV station’s marathon of old material. The opening credits were BB dashing around a deserted street corner — a hallmark of zero-budget TV production. BB has one of the best taglines in the detective business: “Enemy to those who make him his enemy. Friend to those who have no friend.”

  3. Joel Boroff

    Thanks for putting up information on the West Point Story TV Series. I would be extremely interested in purchsasing the series. I loved that show and although I didn’t attend West Point I became an Army Officer during the Vietnam era and my son is currently there. Do you have any idea where I may purchase them? I am lost with MGM and the Army AOG could not help.


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